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He was born in south Germany with family from Italy, but it was owner Rollin Amore’s travels through southeast Asia that has influenced many of the flavors you’ll find in his ice cream shop, Mimi’s Handmade Ice Cream. Combine that with Rollin’s sense of flavors, textures and cooking — he decided to learn how to make ice cream and open his own business. Four years later, he opened Mimi’s Handmade Ice Cream [no link] in Pentagon Row and the combination of flavors are surprising. One of his biggest sellers is ube, a Filipino purple yam, not overly sweet and a very pleasant taste. Another unique flavor you’ll find is lychee (made as both an ice cream and sorbet) — and yes, it’s made from natural lychee. In fact, all flavors are made from scratch without additives or colorants. “We don’t use flavors,” says Rollin as he toasts pecans for another batch of butter pecan. Other ice cream flavors include Thai iced tea, green matcha and red adzuki bean. And, yes, there are vegan options. And there are plenty of traditional flavors too. Another flavor that may surprise you is the Szechuan Spicy Girl — a savory ice cream made from brown pepper corns, red chili oil and peanuts with dried red pepper flakes.

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