Whether it is in a cone or a cup, you have so many flavors to choose from. Our ice cream contains all natural ingredients.

Chocolat L’orange

Chocolate Heaven

Coffee Oreo


Ginger Heaven

Good Ol’ Creamsicle

Mint Choco Chipo

Myagi Azuki Red Bean

Sichuan Spicy Girl

Mango Puree

Cinnamon Custard Crunch

Lime Custard Crunch

Dirty Choco Chip

Cookie Doh

Butterfly Pea Coconut

Pineapple Coconut


Pralines & Honey

French Vanilla

Mango Puree Sorbet

Chinese Sour Plum


Real Italian Ice

Roasted Banana

Rummy Raisin

So Strawberry

Super Oreo

Thai Iced Tea

Vegan Choco

Vegan Roasted Banana

Raspberry Sherbet

Vegan Choco

Vegan Creamsicle

Vegan Mint Choco Chip

Vegan Salted Caramel

Snow Ginger

White Gourmet Mint

Pistachio with Toffee

Sweet Cherry

Vanilla Bean

Creamy Coconut

Apple π

Grilled Beets

Salted Caramel